Friday, July 28, 2006

Least Favorite Onsen

Even though some of the nicest people you will meet run these places, some pools of hot water are better left alone...

1.Tani no yu
Ancient cement structure with a spooky Amida Buddha statue and more mosquitos than you could shake a stick at.

2.Sesseki Onsen
Crusty bath inside a Shinto temple. This was probably the worst case of "floaties" that I can recall.

3. Netsu-no-yu Onsen
Free onsen, so I should have expected worse. Slimy, slippery and full of guys who I think were homeless.

4. Ichi-no-hara Onsen
This was one of the most bare bones onsen we went to. A cement hole in a dark wooden shack.

5. Rakuraku-en
This was the first one we did. Run down and dark, and fat gangsters in the tub.

1 comment:

sallydechant said...

ugh, gross. I liked the one where you live, clean and and "private."