Sunday, July 02, 2006

Suginoi Hotel

This is the grandaddy of all hotels in Beppu. There is a big water park and like 3 different hotel buidlings. Quite a complex, all overlooking Beppu from its mountainside peak. This is where I met Mr. Kai (walking guide mentor) at a swank party for Beppu's congressman, Mr Iwaya.
Anyway, the whole family went out for lunch, then we dropped mom and Jeff at home. Jude and I went to the spring in Yamaga to get some water then we drove clear across town (2 towns) again to hit the onsen at Hotel Suginoi.
There is a nice view from the outdoor bath and Jude liked the bath shaped like a big wooden barrel.There happened to be a bunch of little kids in there so Jude was splashing and playing and having a ball. He was also the loudest one(sigh).Typical Dechant.
I am lucky we had our free ticket. This one was 500 yen until this year when the price magically doubled. Shiho was peeved that I didn't take her. She doesn't care for the rustic local onsen (i.e. the nasty, crusty ones) but if I say "hotel" she is in the car and waiting. Sorry honey, I will take you some other time.

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