Saturday, July 08, 2006

Kuniten Onsen

Well, Jude and I set out to use one of our free hotel passes, but the hotel turned us away from the parking lot because it was Saturday and they expected a lot full of guests. C'est la vie. Freeloaders get no respect.
I quickly changed to Plan B, which was a 100 yen community bath next to which was a dirt lot that I knew I could park in with no fear of retribution.
The hot spring was hot. You should've seen Jude's face when he slid into the tub!! The locals were very friendly and even turned the cold water on full blast for us. This is a true sign of hospitality when you know how much the old dudes like their hot springs hot!

After our bath, we posted my thank you card to the American Consulate-Osaka (more on that later...)

*Photos courtesy ofthis blog


Irn Bru Kid said...

Woah man,
That is one basic assed onsen there! I used to avoid those places haha mind you you can't complete your tour without taking the rough with the smooth eh.

Joel said...

Some of the local joints are actually nicer than the low-end hotels.

sallydechant said...

This one looks very n ice.