Friday, July 28, 2006

Best Onsen Overall

Okay, I am going to start my rankings as they come to me. Nothing scientific or quantifiable here, just what I like (or don't). Some will be best 3, some best 5 and maybe some will be only one.

1. Kannawa-en Inn
The traditional gardens and the rare color-changing outdoor bath pretty much sealed this for me. I went last fall, but nothing topped it since.
UPDATE (2011): I am sad to hear that this place closed. It was truly legendary and I can only hope they don't turn it into a parking lot or something made of concrete.

2. Suginoi Palace
It costs a lot, but it is really worth it. Great view, incredibly clean and the variety of the baths make it a top ranking onsen. The only drawback other than price would be the faint smell of chlorine in the baths.

3. Mugen no Sato
A rustic outdoor bath that came highly recommended. I enjoyed the scenery and the location next to the river. The only problem is that so did the moths.

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Emily said...

What do you think is the best Onsen within an hour train ride from Tokyo? How would rate the Gunma prefecture onsen? Emily