Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Beppu Hot Spring Masters 852 and 853

Today we took our Spaports, worn and torn Spaports that they are, down to the tourism bureau to become deemed Hot Spring Masters. (Onsen Meijin, in Japanese).

After paying the fee (1500 yen per person, up from 500 yen last year. Should've done this faster...), we received the coveted Master's black and gold towel. Maybe I can take this to a Steelers game when we go home next.

Here is's Jude's Master Certificate

Here is's Joel's Master Certificate

Now I want to say thank you very much to Jude. It has been a very fun 1 year and 3 months. In that time, we had fun --in clean baths and dirty ones -- and I got to watch you grow into a cool and funny young dude. Thanks to Mom and Baby Bro for coming along a couple times, and providing the support that 2 intrepid hot spring hoppers need. We love you.
Thank also, to everyone who has followed us in our quest. We have met our goal. Now to use up our remaining free tickets!
I will continue to post Joel's Hot Spring Rankings up on the blog so don't delete us from your Favorites just yet. And if you happen to live in or be coming through Beppu, I hope you will tune in here to get some onsen info.

Thanks everyone!
Hot Spring Master #852
Joel D.


Irn Bru Kid said...

Joel and Jude,

Wow, congrats you guys! I have to admit there were times when i wasn't sure you would make it, but you have. I think it is a very special experience that you and Jude can look back on years to come and enjoy. Otsukare rice!


Steven Covell said...

Congrats to both of you! Wow! Awesome!

Carla J said...

I am so proud!!!! I love your blog - one of my very favorites to read, never boring and totally written by my gifted baby bro!! How special for you and Jude!!! I still smell that article.

Robin747 said...

Joel and Jude----

Congratulations, congratulations, congratulations!!! What an experience huh? Your descriptions of the baths are a hoot! Will you frame your towels or just display them prominently in your home?

Miklos Fejer said...

Congratulations man!

That black towel is awesome!

I'm hopin' to make it up to Beppu in the not-too-distant future...

Dude, that's a lotta baths!

James said...

Congrats! Any ideas for your next conquest?

Anonymous said...

How long will you stay in Beppu? Where to next?


Joel said...

I have been living in Beppu for 2.5 years. My next conquest is teaching students to be volunteer tour guides!

Anonymous said...

hey uncle joel, how is it going? wut u up to?