Monday, July 24, 2006

#88: Suginoi Palace

WE decided to go out in style. I had been saving this onsen for last. It is the most expensive one on the tour at 2000 yen. The fact is, you can do 20 100-yen onsen for the same price, but I wanted 88 to be special. besides, Shiho won't come if I don't go somewhere nice.

Dad drives with skill and speed to Suginoi Palace (and damn that flash. Thought is was a cop car!) I took the back way, which I discovered getting lost going to a different onsen. You see, this tour has so many benefits.

They won't let you take pictures inside this onsen. It is on a cliff overlooking the city. It was fabulous. They call it "Tanayu," or terrace onsen, because there a several baths in terrace form. The variety is great. It really is fun. Check out their website.

Jude just loved running from bath to bath. I loved the view and the green tiled bath with jets in it. It was really the perfect way to cap off our tour.

So there, we did it! 88 onsen clear! We are heading off to get "dubbed" tomorrow.


imacanuck said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! may i be the first to congratulate you, hot spring master...oooo, can i shake your hand?? ;-) ~Leah

Joel said...

That was fast Leah. And yes you may shake my hand. It is very clean

sallydechant said...

I will bow to the hot spring masters. Ganbatte1 Love,Ma

Anonymous said...

Sugoi! Sugoi! Sugoi! I remember when you set out to your very first bath of the challenge. We sure miss those onsen, more than you can imagine. Well done guys, you should be proud as well as clean. I will definitely refer to your blog for the pick of the bunch next time I'm in Beppu! So what are you going to write about now?? All the best, great masters, Michelle XXXX