Wednesday, July 19, 2006

82: Kurume Ramen's Minato Onsen / 83 Kitahama Onsen

Beppu is great because since it is the onsen capital of Japan, there are quite a few places that offer "X plus onsen." I have been to cafes with onsen and BBQ restaurants with onsen and candy stores with onsen.
Tonight was ramen and onsen. We noticed this place right after we moved here and it always struck us as funny. Well, last night depsite the puring rain, we all went out (Dad's treat). Jude ate a whole bowl of ramen, then he and I hopped in the onsen. It was small and rustic, basically a cememnt tub in a plywood shack, but it was well kept and cleaner than I had imagined.
It was nice and hot and the tube bringing in the hot water bubbled and burbled.

After this onsen, I promised to take Mommy and Jeff to a "nicer" onsen. We plunked down 500 yen each to get into Kitahama Onsen, otherwise know as Termas. It is a newish city-run joint. We showed up at 9:00 right before the cut-off entry time. As such, the public servant behind the counter gave a bad attitude. That was a turn off. Maybe I should call city hall and tell them she was mean. I can take my money elsewhere...
In any case, the onsen was big with several different types of bath. Like an onsen playground. There is even an outdoor onsen pool, but you need swimsuits to use that. We checked out the mist sauna, the outdoor bath, and the "squall shower" which was basically a bucket of hot water suspended from the wall and you pull a chain to let it dump on you like some old comedy routine.
A good time was had by all and we managed to score 2 stamps tonight... yay!


Steven Covell said...

Five more to go! Hot Spring Masters - how awesome is that!! Keep having fun and good luck guys.

sallydechant said...

the ramen looks so good. Yum.