Monday, July 17, 2006

80: Beppu Community Center

It was our goal to hit 10 onsen this 3 day weekend and tonight's visit to the Beppu Community Center was the clincher.
This a is a newish facility where the tourism bureau is. There is also some sort of martial arts dojo here. Very nice, by the looks of it.
The wooden iterior of building was very relaxing. The onsen was nice and new with a view ofa Japanese sand/rock garden. C'est chic!
The onsen smelled faintly of sulfur, much like the Horita area. I wonder if they pump their water in because most onsen in the Beppu area are clear.
Jude met a little boy who was like 18 months old and they had fun splashing around. I enjoyed the waterfall bath, which is a nice stream of water you let pound you back and shoulders.
Now I can sleep like a baby.
Only 8 more onsen left, folks!

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imacanuck said...

by "like a baby" do you mean for 2 hours at a time? ;-) ~Leah