Monday, July 17, 2006

#77, 78, 79: Kaimonji Onsen, Kotobuki Onsen, Furosen

Kaimonji Onsen is next to a temple called, you guessed it, Kaimonji Temple just down the street from Beppu Station. I tried to go here once but got "busted" for illegal parking by the pachinko parlor parking lot attendant.
This is a 100-yen city-run onsen. In fact, the lady at the counter recognized us from Saturday night (She was working at Tanoyu Onsen then).
It is very retro with the old school design of dressing room on a loft and stairs down one level to the onsen. It has seen better days, but would be cool if they redid it. That all depends on grant money I suppose.

Jude and I then walked through the downtown arcades to Umezono Onsen, but it wasn't open yet. At least we figured out where it was. We walked over to Kotobuki Onsen instead. Another 100 yen jobby. This onsen is famous for people who can't have babies taking a dip and later having a baby. Kotobuki is a another word for "congratulations." It's full od iron an very rusty smelling.

Our last stop before heading off to a lunch of jigoku-mushi steamed goodies was Furosen. Another 100-yen city-run job that was probably the hottest onsen I have ever been in! We only stayed long enough to get our stamps.


Goodmea said...

Furo onsen was nasty... and hot as, but I really liked Umezono onsen. It was an adventure finding (close to BigBamboo) and the ゆ (Yu) was great.

Joel said...

Don't worry, once we are done, I will make public my rankings of the best and the crustiest. No white-washing here. Let the truth be told. But first things first, we got 7 more onsen to hit