Sunday, July 16, 2006

#76: Hotel Seikaisoh

Well, the plan today was to do at least 4 onsen in the Kannawa area. But since it was a Sunday we got turned down at 3 different places. So I got wise and started calling . Got a couple noes but then Hotel Seikaisoh downtown said "come on in"
So we did. I had to pump "We Will Rock You" to keep Jude awake (Yes, I am a terrible father but he will thank me when he gets older)
They staff here was very nice. So far, this may be the friendliest hotel I have been to in this area.
The bath was on the 6th floor overlooking the bay. Very nice if you looked far out into the bay and not at the garbage floating near the breakwater. Jude saw a boat come in from Ehime.
Oh yeah, this bath room had tatami mats in it! I thought the picture in the book looked like tatami and then I though, who the hell would put tatami in a bath? Well, they did and it was kind of neat, if a bit humid. I guess it is something neat to do with old tatami from the guest rooms.
In any case, I recommend this hotel.

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