Saturday, July 15, 2006

71 & 72: Tanoyu Onsen & Noguchi Onsen

Well, I made a promise somewhere on this blog to have 88 onsen done by Jude's birthday. Well, his bday is coming up very soon and I have a 3 day biz trip to Kyoto before that so these next 2 weekends are key in knocking off the remaining onsen.

Saturday night, after dinner we hit the town. The Community Center was closed, so using my photographic memory of Beppu I quickly changed course for one of the little local baths. I talked the drug store clerk into letting me use their parking lot and we hit Tanoyu. This is one of those city-run jobbies. Very nice and very hot. We just splashed ourselves clean mixing the hot water with the cold from the tap, then raced on to the next hot spring. It 's actually kind of fun to do it this way, isntead of saoking until you are totally wrinkly and exhausted.
We aimed for the Youth hostel but Jude said "no" so I swung arond to Noguchi, another little local joint. I expected something rather dumpy foir 150 yen but it was one of the cleanest little joints I have seen. We already washed so we just soaked in the tub here. The other patrons probably thought we were dirty unknowing foreigners, but hey, we are on a mission here.
We have ane extended weekend with Marine Day on Monday so Jude and I are aiming for 10 onsen by Monday. 2 down.
With tonight's hot spring hop, our total has risen to 72. = Level 9 complete. We are down to the final page in our spaports.
Rock and roll!

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