Friday, June 02, 2006


This is a new addition to the pack. Not necessarily a new onsen, but they started let ting us wannabe masters come and soak. The inn itself looked a little old and rather simple. I handed over our free ticket and the lad said,"I'll show you to the annex."
This was the onsen. Built just last year (out of cypress). It smelled wonderful! There was a nice big tub and no one there so Jude and I had a swim

They also had what is called a "mushi-yu" or steam bath, basically a sauna. You crawl into a crawl space and the floor is covered with a grass called Sweet Flag. It has a unique smell and they say it's good for your throat. I just peeked inside. It's like 70 plus Celcius so VERY hot. The most famous steam bath is run by the city and they are currently rebuilding it. It has been around for oh, 700 years or so. But this place is the only privately run steam bath.

This onsen usually costs 600 yen, which I would usually be too cheap to pay. But this place is the hidden gem of Kannawa. Seriously, it was gorgeous and down a little back street so maybe not so well known. I can definitely say that it ranks near the top of my list now.

There is parking for 3 cars, if your car is small enought to fit down the narrow street in the first place...

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sallydechant said...

mushi apparently also means steam. My friend June's reaction to jiguko mushi also was "bug hell"?