Sunday, June 04, 2006

Hotel Pastoral and Nishitetsu Resort Inn Beppu

Trying to make up for lost time Jude and I hit 2 onsen today.
The first was Hotel Pastoral, a nice new-ish hotel whose mainstay, it seems, is weddings. Their were people in the lobby al dressed up and some other couples getting an explanations about the wedding procedures (I think). It 's a big business when you consider that the average Japanese couple will spend upwards of $20,000 on a wedding!!

The indoor bath was spacious and the outdoor bath was gorgeous with a nice Japanese garden feel. It felt great in the middle of the day!!

Jude and I instended to do 3 onsen today. We headed into town and 2 hotels turned us down. One claimed that it's bath was under construction so that bath-only customers couldn7t come in. OK, what about your guests then?? Whatever. The next hotel. Sorry onsen-only is a no go. So we wheeled back out onto the main drag and pulled into
our next stop.

Nishitetsu Resort Inn is not really a resort, it's actually a budget hotel. But it is very new and clean and much nicer than the other crappy hotels in the area. It wasn't on my free ticket list so I shelled out 300 yen. Not bad. The bath was gorgeous with a big glass window separating the indoor and outdoor baths. The outdoor bath had a "rock" garden with those decorative white stones. Jude was washing the stones in the tub. Had to put a stop to that...

We got our stamp and heade toward Suginoi Hotel, one of the most famous hotels in Beppu but Jude fell alseep so I took him home. Only for him to immediately wake up and demand a popsicle (sigh)

It's 5 PM, we might just hit one more tonight :P

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Irn Bru Kid said...

Hey buddy,
Good work, you must be fairl notching up the onesen now! All is well here as you know. Keep in touch. How dare they hold a wedding without informing father MacLean!