Saturday, June 03, 2006

Hotel Arthur(ホテルアーサー)

I had promised Jude a train ride so we hopped on at Beppu Daigaku Station and did the one-stop jaunt into Beppu. He LOVES trains. We met a Buddha in the train station.

Using our handy-dandy free tickets, we stopped in a Hotel Arthur. As you know Japanese can't pronounce r or th, so this hotel is pronounced "Aah-saah." and they even had a full suit of aah-maah in the robby. ( I 'll stop being mean now)

Jude thought it was scary...

The onsen here is quite nice. I was expecting run of the mill slightly run-down hotel stlye hot springs but this one wasn't so. A bit small but nice and replete with cypress smelling soap!?!? It is fun to see that soaps and shampoos each hotel has. But I think the charcoal shampooo salesman is doing the best job. That stuff is everywhere!

Jude and I had intended to do another onsen while we were in town but I couldn't find the one were were looking for with my tiny map. next time I will getmy super detailed street map and map out a course. This was onsen 63. 25 to go. But if we aim to become masters by Jude's bday that means we have to do a lot od hot spring hopping in the hottest months of the year.

Price: 500 yen
Parking: plenty underneath the hotel

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