Saturday, June 17, 2006

Daikoku-ya (大黒屋)

Daikokuya is the jigoku-mushi joint we always stop by on my walking tour. This is where we took mom to enjoy an excellent lunch of hot spring-steamed goodies.
I had never been in the onsen here, so I figured I should make an effort to stop by here. To top it off, NHK was here with cameras so my bare ass will be broadcast all over Japan next month! I brought my buddy Tres from APU along with me to spread the love, so to speak. Hey, when you have the chance to be bare naked on national TV, why not bring your friends?

The onsen was HOT! It's this time of year when the going gets tought for us wannabe masters. 21 onsen left... We are aiming for July 27 as the cut off, but it's gonna be a sweat-fest more than anything else. Tres only has 6 stamps but he says he will beat us to 88. I accept your challenge!

So about NHK, well, they are doing a show about how international Beppu has become. The show is called "Nippon Saihakken" or "Rediscovering Japan." It will be broadcast on hi-vision satellite TV first. That means the iamge quality will be so good you'll be able to tell if I missed a spot shaving or not. After that, we will be on regulat national TV for the whole (Japanese) world to see.

BS Hi-Vision TV
Saturday, July 22 18:00 - 18:49
Monday, July 24 15:00 - 15:49
Wednesday, July 26 00:00 - 00:49 (in other words, late Tuesday)

Regular NHK
Sunday, July 23 10:05 - 10:54 TBA
* Nothing like some naked men after your breakfast


sallydechant said...

I LOVED JIGOKU MUSHI. I'd like to see your broadcast, but i've already seen your bare ass. Guys all have the same basic equipment, same as gals. I know, it looks better on some people.

Irn Bru Kid said...

Hey buddy,

Nice, didn't realise you shaved your ass man! haha
If Tres beats you to the full compliment of onsens that would some kind of record!
Good luck mate, you have really picked up the pace since I left. Mail me sometime mate,