Friday, May 12, 2006

Yume Hotel Kakusui-an(夢ホテルかくすい苑)

Using our free hotel tickets, the whole damn family went downtown to the onsen today. This is one of the many old hotels squished in the Kitahama area. The theme of the hotel is "art" and their are antique statues and scrolls and such all over the place. It makes for a cool atmosphere.
The bath was also themed with little trinkets and things tucked away in the corners. These frogs greeted us as we entered.

The outdoor bath looked like I nicely decorated patio with nice flagstones and a faux marble tub. The cool thing is that it was on the roof and you could check out the bay and the city, and if the angle was right, I bet the folks up in Beppu Tower could have seen us in all our grand glory in the cool night air (not much to see, perhaps).
So far, this is the best downtown onsen I have been too. More reports to follow as we continue our quest (60 down, 28 to go).

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