Friday, May 05, 2006

Yu-Ya Ebisu (湯屋 えびす)

Today, we all went to an old-school amusement park called Rakutenchi. It reminded me of Conneaut Lake with the old 60s and 70s styled buidlings and faded paint. There was a lot more than I expected. Shiho had to ride with Jude though, cuz I can't handle spiny things.
After our naps, Jude, Jeff, Grandma and I went to the onsen. We tried to go to Kamegawa but the onsen was closed. Today is a holiday, childrens' day! Everywhere you go there are giant carp kites (koinobori) flying around.
So we went on to Plan B, took the back road up to APU and rocked over to the stinky Myoban area.
Yuya Ebisu was remodled last year and it is gorgeous. Jude especuially liked the "Relaxation Cave," a room with a jet bath inside. I liked the milky white sulfur-stinky baths. In fact we all still smell of sulfur.
Jeff got his first stamp in his Spaport... will he become a Master , too? Only time will tell. Depends on when I get a job offer...

Adults: 1000 yen
Kids under 3 free
Plenty of parking, but watch out for the traffic on the curves. There are actually yellow raod signs that warn you of the hot spring steam and say "No Gawking"

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