Monday, May 01, 2006

Velodrome Hot Spring

Today is very exciting because I get to use the word "velodrome." Yes, Beppu has its very own Velodrome and the velodrome even has a hot spring on the grounds. Gotta love Beppu.
Jude and I had tried to go to another onsen in the Kamegawa area that was listed as open till 7 PM. The price was listed as "spare change." These places usually prove pretty rustic and this was no exception. It is on the grounds of a temple and it appears that the monk there pulled the plug out of the tub early. We arrived at 6:50 to an empty tub in a shack tht was big enough for maybe 2 people.
So, I quickly revereted to Plan B: The Velodrome. I thought it would be a crusty onsen but actually it was really nice. Only 100 yen and the water was the nice "soft" kind that you encounter in these parts. If you want some scietific proof of what's inside, well I don't know. But there were some nice, friendly old dudes in here and Jude had a ball splashing around with his green elephant watering can (Ooh, that sounds like a band name...).
If you go watch a race in the Velodrome, the hot spring is free. I recommend it because not only is it nice, you can tell all your friends that you went to the Velodrome and you can feel the word drip off your tongue with sibilant zing.
Say it out loud!



sallydechant said...

repeatr after me- vel o drome

Murdo said...

Hey dude,

Mighty good progress you making there! I see you have increased the number of blogs you have too! haha
Started te process of looking for a job, fingers crossed mate. Hope all are well, take care dude!

Carla J said...

Okay... what's a Velodrome?

PS Joel, I really smell an article here... your blog is so cool.

Venue? Hmmmm... well, you'll figure it out.

Go guys!

Joel said...

Velodrome = bicycle race track
(velo is French for "bike", "drome" is probably Latin for something)

Murdo! Best of luck back in ye olde Scotland. Let me know what happens...