Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Bouchou Onsen(望潮温泉)

This is probably the onsen closest to our house, a few neighborhoods away...except of course for the onsen on the apartment grounds, but that doesn't count towards our quest for the 88.

Anyway, we scoped this place out a while back. On a real narrow backstreet and OLD! The owner, in fact, proudly informed us that it was the 2nd oldest onsen in Beppu.
The inside was run-down and kind of gross in the corners, but the tub was clean and clear and nice and hot! There were some rules for kids on the wall since the elementary school is so close by.Typical Japanese stuff like:
We promise to go home before curfew
We promise not to bother the other patrons

After our bath the old owener talked my leg off. Cool old guy. I promised him some souvenirs from PA and he was stoked. I will drop em off after work someday next week.

Adults: 100 yen
kids: 50 yen
Parking: 2 cars (if you squeeze)

Wth this onsen we have reached 56. In other words LEVEL 7 CLEAR
Now, if we go to the Tourism Bureau and get certified, we get a bunch of free onsen tickets for the hotels! Ahh, the last 32 will be in style, baby!

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