Monday, April 24, 2006

Taiyo no Yu (太陽の湯)

I alloted time for getting lost tonight.
And I did. But then I called and got directions.
And I wondered why a 60 yen onsen would have a phone and it turns out that it is part of a giant complex for disabled folks. Some very friendly folks helped up navigate the walkways to the hot spring, and the bath itself was quite new and modern. It didn't have the "hot spring" mineral type of feel, it was very clear onsen. It started to get crowded, though, so I coaxed Jude out with promises of juice.
He didn't mind because he was actually quite tired this evening. We scouted out our potential target for tomorrow, a real scummy looking place, and made our way home the back way thru streets so narrow my car barely fit down them.

Name: Taiyo no Yu
District: Kamegawa
Price: 60 yen for adults, 40 yen for kids
Parking: a lot

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