Saturday, April 01, 2006

Oni-Bozu Jigoku Foot Bath(鬼坊主地獄足湯)

Mom is in town from the U.S. and we took her to the standard Beppu tourist trap, "Jigoku Meguri." That is where you walk around all the bubbling hells saying "ooh" and "Ahh" and trying not to pay 3 bucks for ice cream. Several have foot baths, like Oni-bozu Jigoku featured here.

And these foot baths count toward our 88 onsen goal. Entrance fees are 400 yen for most jigoku or you buy a book of 8 tickets for 2000 yen. Seniors got in free on April 1 for the Hot Spring festival
And after a lot of walking, these foot baths sure feel good


sallydechant said...

You bet. Your feet stay warm and tingle for a long time afterward.

sallydechant said...

I did buy some of the ice cream to placate Jude the day you gave the jiguko tour to the visiting TV newspeople from Kyoto. I could see that wouldn't work with you giving the tour and dealing with the cameraman and the reporters. We enjoyed some wonderful soba at a noodle joint. I was getting used to sitting on the floor. About the only time I do it in the US is when I do my stretches after Curves. That probably made it easier for me in reality.