Saturday, April 29, 2006

Kannawa Suji-Yu AND Jigoku-baru Onsen

50th hot spring hit!!

Today was a milestone in our journey. We did hot spring # 50.

Kannawa Suji-Yu
This onsen is on the Kannawa Walking Tour I do. It is good for your tendons (suji in Japanese). So I figured I should check it out. Jude put the 100 yen coin in the box and no sooner had we heard it plunk than we turned to see a sign that said: "There is no cold water at Suji-Yu so you cannot use soap or shampoo."
Oh boy... this is gonnna be fun. We were welcomed by a few nice older chaps who told us that yes, you don't soap up at this hot spring you just soak and towel off. So, I figured what the heck and stripped down. But is was pretty damn hot. I enjoyed by hot dip but Jude chose to play on the floor. He informed me "Daddy. Too hot Jude." So after about 5 minutes we got out and decided to hit another hot spring. That is what's great about Beppu, especially the Kannawa area.

Jigoku-baru Onsen
A nice little Buddha statue welcomed us into this mostly-locals-only hot spring.

This one wasn't so hot--despite its name "Source of Hell Hot Spring" -- so Jude enjoyed splashing around and shooting his water pistol. Like his new PJs?

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