Sunday, March 26, 2006


This is another hot spring on my walking tour that I figured I should check out. The buidling is nice and only a few years old. In fact it was some architectural award from the city. The hot spring was one of the many in the area originally founded by the monk Ippen Shonin way back in 1276. The water was hot, but the nice guy in the tub didn't mind me putting some cold water in. Actually, Jude dealt with the heat better than I.
The tub was tiled light blue. I like that color. Reminds me of the onsen in Kamegawa called Shinoyu.

The onsen is unmanned. You have to pay 100 yen at the cafe across the street. They give you a wooden token that you hang on the wall to "claim" your spot in the tub. This is normally a members' only onsen, but non-members can enter if they get the token.
Even Mayor Hamada is a member (See photo)

There is no free parking nearby unless you sneakily leave your car at the Everyone convenience store.


Robert Thomson said...

Hey Joel,

Nice blog! You're an onsen freak! Awesome.

Nice KTA too. I was thinking about setting something like that up myself. Looks like I was beaten to it!

Keep up the hard work!


sallydechant said...

That photo of Jude. Is he the next Fabio?