Saturday, March 18, 2006

Shibu-no-Yu (渋の湯)

This is a free municipal hot spring in the Kannawa district, one right on my walking tour course. I figured I had better check it out. Jude and went on a slightly rainy Saturday afternoon. It was nice and warm and a bit salty like most hot springs in this area. It was pretty well kept for a free, unmannned onsen and it just plain felt good on the skin. Some people don't like the salty slightly smelly hot springs but I do. Jude sure did. Didn't want to leave. I had to threaten to leave him there to get him to budge. What's new.
The only free parking in this area is in front of Netsu no Yu hot spring, or if you don't mind a walk, at the Marushoku grocery store on Route 500.
The onsen stamp is kept at the Mushi-Yu Hot Spring Sauna across the way.

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