Sunday, March 05, 2006


Well, after a cold winter full of colds and infections, and more colds and general blues, the sun started shining brighter and longer and we decided to get back on the mission. Our goal, as states over live AM radio in Januray, is to finish the 88 onsen mark by the end of 2006. That is 5 to 6 onsen per month, considering that we have now completed 41.

Sakura-tei was a modern looking inn. Clean with mellow lighting. Jude loved the fish tank. The hot spring said it was 100% from the source, but it wasn't really that hot. In fact Jude announced when he got in that it was "nurui," lukewarm in Japanese.
It was warm enough to warm us up after a drive to the African Safari nature reserve. Jude loved all the animals and after the 40 minute drive he said "one more time Daddy." We have an annual pass, might as well go next week too.

At the hot spring, Jude did not want to leave. He also did not want to give back the Anpanman slippers they let him wear. Cried and screamed. he likes to do that a lot lately.

In any case, this was nice hot spring to jump start our mega-tour. The view from the bath was of Kannawa. Plenty of steam and you can see the Castle across the way where a giant python lives. Haven't been there yet so I can't tell you why there is a giant python in a castle.

Sakura-tei has plenty of parking and it is 500 yen for adults. Weeny kids are free.


ROBBONE said...

yes, and the python is yellow and white. Like an albino snake, if ya ask me. Kinda disturbing. I went on a tour there and a man explained all about the snake and whhat his eal was, I couldn't understand most, but I guess he's sacred. I think we all patted him for good measure.
Love the hotspring tour! Send my love to Beppu!!!!!

ROBBONE said...


Joel said...

Hi Rob and thanks for the comment(s). I was wondering what his "eal" was. A perv guide, maybe? Ha ha.