Saturday, March 11, 2006

Oniyama Hotel(おにやまホテル)

Today we broke down and used our free hot spring coupon. We went to Oniyama Hotel, one of the biggest hotels in the Kannawa area and one of the stops on my volunteer guided tour.

The hot spring was trademark Kannawa, slightly yellow and a hint salty. Feels great on the skin. I thought the drains were a little dangerous for the litte one because they were kind of loose. Other than than, we loved the outdoor bath. It is very spacious with mysterious green ighting and some big trees and shrubs to make it feel secluded even though it is a stone's throw away from the highway. Jude like the big palm tree.

If you have time, stop by the lobby to check out the TOGO Seiji painting. It is a massive , one-of-a-kind original work valued at 100 million yen!

Regular price: 800 yen, open till 9 PM. Parking for 4 out front.

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sallydechant said...

I enjoyed your knowledgeable discussion on the large painting in the lobby of the hotel. You continue to amaze me.