Monday, December 19, 2005

Hotel Shiragiku(ホテル白菊)

Mom was in town from Kagoshima with her middle shcool reunion. They chose the fanciest hotel in Beppu and invited us too! WE had a super full course meal with everything from fresh mackeral sashimi, to blow fish (fugu) prepared every which way! Fried, raw, and don't forget the sperm!
After an absolute feast, Jude and grandma and I hit the big bath. I had always wanted to use the bath here, but the price tag (1000 yen, just to bathe) always sent me searching for cheaper baths. At last. And this time I got to relax by myself instead of fretting about J- man running around...
The bath was a standard big hotel bath. You could smell chlorine, which I guess it's saftey first when you have a ton of guests and a repuation to uphold. Kind of a turn off tho. The outdoor bath was big and since it was like -5 C, no one was out there. Very nice! The lighting was just enough to make the mood.

With this onsen, we have reached 40. Level 5 clear! 6 levels left. I will post photos soon.

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Midori said...

Hey Joel!! Finally got around to checking out your blog!! Sounds like you and J are having alot of fun!!! ;-)