Sunday, November 13, 2005

Sunabaru Onsen(砂原温泉)

This was another one of those community baths that you wouldn't normally include in your itinerary unless you were one of those crazy people trying to hit up 88 hot springs to get a special black and gold towel and 15 seconds of near-notariety.

The water was hot but not too hot and I don't know if it was someone's cologne or some element in the water itself but it reminded me of holy water. You know that smell of incense in the church that kind of makes its way into everything. Sublimely sweet....

So it was as nice as you can expect for 100 yen. There is some parking too. Bonus. Don't look at the ceiling or under the little seats. Mildew central.

But a little mildew will not deter these men from their mission. We are nearly half-way there....

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