Saturday, November 26, 2005


Kakujusenis a free city-run hot spring in the Myoban district. Most city-run joints are clean. This one passed my test. Like most hot springs up here it is hot! And it is salty and milky. Great for the skin, bad for the eyes. They often say you can take a dip in this area for the great effects on the skin, then stop down in Kannawa for a rinse off in the clear hot springs down there. We may want to try that next time and get 2 stamps in one night.

Kakuju Free hot spring

We have been using the onsen at the house lately. Too cold to venture too far. Slowly but surely we will hit our magic number. If not, we can never leave. ha ha.

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Sunabaru Onsen(砂原温泉)

This was another one of those community baths that you wouldn't normally include in your itinerary unless you were one of those crazy people trying to hit up 88 hot springs to get a special black and gold towel and 15 seconds of near-notariety.

The water was hot but not too hot and I don't know if it was someone's cologne or some element in the water itself but it reminded me of holy water. You know that smell of incense in the church that kind of makes its way into everything. Sublimely sweet....

So it was as nice as you can expect for 100 yen. There is some parking too. Bonus. Don't look at the ceiling or under the little seats. Mildew central.

But a little mildew will not deter these men from their mission. We are nearly half-way there....

Friday, November 11, 2005

Long time, no public bath

Well, my initial goal was to be a hot spring master within the year, but we have stalled out on our quest. I have a whole list of excuses, but mainly it's because we have been going to sleep earlier. We still hit the hot spring in the apartment building almost every night, so we are quite clean. We are only 3 away from level 5. We will get that before we go home for winter break for sure.
Keep coming back. Hope to have something for you soon.