Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Yamada Onsen(山田温泉)

Went back to the Hamawaki area because the owner of the last place said I could use his parking lot. Hit up Yamada onsen. Can't be beat for a 100 yen, as long as you don't look at the moldy ceiling or the green goo oozing from behind the wall mirror.
The water was nice and the best part was how friendly everyone (all 3 dudes) were. I haven't met such nice people since our trip tp Shinoyu Onsen. We didn't stay long since this is clear on the other side of town, so we were home by a little after 9Pm. After our ritual popsicle, Jude was asleep in no time.
We are 3 shy of 40 onsens. hit 56 and you are eligible to receive \20,000 (about $180) worth of free tickets and coupons for the hotels! So our final stretch will be high on the hog. Gotta hit all the 100 yen joints now!

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Chabo Takasaki-no-yu (茶房たかさきの湯)

Got real lost on some incredibly narrow roads but managed to find this place which actually had Parking (very rare in Beppu). It was a little stone bath attached to someone's house. If you bought a drink at the cafe (someone's house), you could use the bath for free. So we had a bath, out first in the Hamawaki area and it was HOT. Then we came out and had a nice big bowl of shaved ice. Yummy! It was a cool little place. Turns out the owner hosts APU students for homestays every summer. He said I can park here next time I'm in the area. That is a bonus.
After 88 hot springs, not only we will be onsen masters, we will be masters of illegal parking.
Jude and Tanuki
This is Jude with the tanuki (like a racoon). They have big bellies and for some reason store owners put these statues in front of their stores (so the patrons eat their bellies full??). Any of you who played Super Mario 3 on the NES will remember the tanuki character...