Thursday, September 29, 2005

Yumoto-ya Ryokan(湯元屋旅館)

A little mom and pop inn in the Myoban district. This hot spring was a cloudy brown color. Yes, it sounds gross but it was the high concentration of minerals: calcium, salt, alum and copper. You have to keep it out of your eyes because it burns, and it is pretty hot. The Myoban district is way up on the mountain and the closest to its source so it is naturally pretty damn hot. Luckily there was a water faucet so I could cool it down for Jude.
Now the coolest part was when you got out and dried off. This left your skin feeling silky smooth. Here is one for all the ladies out there. Granted, it reminded me of when we used to live in Tiffin with the water softener and you could barely get any suds off your bar of soap, but even the next day I felt good.
It's on a narrow road. Parking for 3 cars. Be careful.

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