Thursday, September 15, 2005

Yu no Sato (湯の里)

This is th biggest, most famous onsen in the Myoban area. Myoban is on the mountain near the actual source of the hot springs. Very sulfury and very hot. The outdoor bath was cool enough due to the chilly night air. Very nice water. Smooth on the skin and people will wonder why I smell like sulfur tomorrow at the graduation ceremony.
We had a 100 yen off coupon so me and Jude got in for 500 yen. Not bad.

On the way home I heard the FM Oita radio ad calling for theme songs so I came home and dug throught the music I made way back in the day in Osaka, made a little MD and sent it off. Might be my big break. Ha ha! The net says they will play your song and then invite you to perform on the show. Problem is, I havent practiced guitar since 02 and couldnt repeat my performance w/o a recording. Ha ha!

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