Sunday, September 18, 2005

Sesseki Onsen(セッ石温泉)

A 150 yen onsen on the grounds of an old shrine. Kinda spooky at night with fox statues (conniving shape changers in Japanese mythology)and stray cats, and even spookier when you go in. Put your money inthe box. There is no one there. There was a navy calendar. Shinto was the state-sponsored religion during Japan's imperial times, still a very nationalistic bent to it. Kinda scary. Then the scariest part was the onsen with bits of skin and hair floating in it. Like I said, there is a big difference between the 800 yen bath and the 100 yen class, although sometimes the cheap ones will suprise you. needless to say we made it a quick trip tonight. Went home feeling not so clean. had a popsicle to forget about it. One more stamp in the book, at least.

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