Sunday, September 18, 2005


Today Jude woke up from his PM nap early so we set out to catch an onsen that closes early, one we couldnt normally hit in the evening after dinner.
I drove to one place but the parking lot was full and we missed closing time. It was a little inn that specializes in food steamed with the hot spring steam (super hot steam full of mineral. Delcious and healthy). Called the next joint, Kannawa-en. We were in time. So I sped up the hill trying not to hit pedestrians and pulled in to the parking lot. The grounds are hige will koi ponds and Japanese landscaping. It was an old inn they revamped. It is pretty classy. Now the coolest thing is that the onsen itself looks baby blue because it is full of silicon which reflects blue. I had seen it on the local walking tour and today we finally got to check it out.
It is 800 yen for adults and 400 for kids. A bit pricey, but once you go there you realize the difference between and 800 yen onsen and one that costs 100. This place is designed for pure relaxation. Jude liked it too.
By the way, that is Jude giving a peace sign. Can't get the other finger up yet.
After our soak, we went in and go changed. THe sign said don't take a shower because it will wash off the silicon, which is good for the skin. oops, i was already dressed when I read that. Jude meanwhile lounged on a huge bamboo chair.
Reminds me of that Tom Petty video with all the huge furniture and Alice in Wonderland type charcters.
On a final note, I hereby declare this as the best onsen in Beppu (as of Sept 18). There are still a few that might top it but I better start saving my money to get into those places.

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