Monday, September 05, 2005

Hotel Fugetsu-Hammond(ホテル風月HAMMOND)

This is the hotel run by my friend Mr. Kai. Been meaning to go here for ages now, but it is only open until 8:30 PM to the general public. Used my 100 yen off ticket to get in for 400 yen. Jude and I had the tub to ourselves. Slightly hot but Jude liked getting out of the hot water and into the cold bath over and over. I like the push-button vibra-bath. Tonight we met Ms. Kim, the Korean intern at the hotel. She fell in love with Jude so I made him blow her a kiss when we left.
This hotel is the first where I saw directions in English on how to take a bath the Japanese way (rinse first, soak, get out and soap up, rinse off and soak again etc). Mr. Kai knows how to cater to foreign guests.
There is a big parking lot and if you are too late for the hotel bath, you can go to the public bath next door. It's open till 1 AM. It is also run by the hotel. See my earlier post on Yumetamatebako.

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