Friday, September 23, 2005

3-day weekend:Hot Springs Galore

Mom is back in Kagoshima so it's just Jude and dad for 3 days. We started our 3 day weekend off with a trip to the "secret onsens" up in the mountains.
Hebin Yu

This is the "secret" all-natural onsen furthest back in the woods. It is right next to a crytsal clear brook. In fact, I think Jude liked playing in the river, more than sitting in the hot spring. hebin-yu1
It was very clear for being out in the "wild" and quite relaxing with the nature all around. But you can't really get clean out here. Just come for the soaking experience.
Here is the bath
And the sign. These photos are proof that we went, and we can exchange them for stamps in our Spaports.

Tsuru no Yu
The other secret onsen. Well it was hard enough to get Jude to leave the first place. On the way I realized it was almost 1:30 PM so I busted out the lunch I packed and Jude and I scarfed it down in the car on the side of the road.
This onsen is located just beyond a giant graveyard. We parked in the graveyard and nonchalantly walked past the parking lot attendant. The stream coming into and out of the tub area is white with sulfur. And hot! Jude put his feet in but we didn't do much else here. If you like em HOT, you should come check it out.

The white stream
Jude's foot bath
The sign: our proof for the Spaport

Art Hotel Ishimatsu
So after our eventful day in the mountains, we stopped by a playground on the way home. there was a giant fort with slides and ropes. To make a long story short, Jude fell off the top and I ran him to the hospital, but he was OK. In fact he started running circles around the chairs in the waiting room. Thank god! So we went home and took a late nap. I then proceded to cook dinner. After we ate, we were both in need of a good washing. I chose Art Hotel Ishimatsu from the photo in my book. Took Jude out in his training pants and he peed in his car seat. Ooops!The entrance was all decked out with "artsy" bamboo objets, but once you got into the hotel is was just a regular old hotel. The bath was old but not too bad. Spacious and hot indoor bath. A semi-outdoor bath (covered but open sides). Jude loved the water bath. He splashed away and laughed. I was happy he was Ok after his fall. But the biggest news today was Jude's mishap at the shower. As I said, he peed in his car seat. he then peed in the shower. That is forgivable for a 2 year old. As I soaped up, I saw him sqaut and thought, "You just peed, kid" Only then to see it come out from under him. "Daddy, poop." What can I do? I did what any self respecting citizen would do and played it cool. Turned the shower on high and washed that shit right down the drain, only hoping the other 2 old guys in the bath wouldnt notice, and hoping nothing chunky would remain in the drain. That was a first. Shh! Don't tell.

So with our semi-marathon today, we have achived Level 4 on our road to onsen mastery. Now at 34 onsens, we have 54 to go.

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