Sunday, August 28, 2005


Well, theses onsens won't count toward our 88 goal because they are the places we frequented when we went back to mom's hometown. But just to let you know that we were still enjoying the wonders of hot water there too.

Located directly behind Kirishima Onsen Station just over the Makizono border in Yokogawa town. They will all merge in Nov. so it doesn't matter. Jude went here twice with grandma. Loved it. Dad has tried to go here twice but it was closed on both occasions so I can't give you a real play by play, but if you ever take the train to Makizono, this is the first onsen once you get off.

Iwaibashi Onsen
This is mom and dad's favorite onsen in Makizono. Run by the Maruno family. It is rustic and the water has some soothing soft magical quality. The outdoor bath is always on the lukewarm side and perfect for little tikes. Jude loved it. Loved it even more when it started raining.We were lucky to get in the tub before a whole high school basketball team showed up.

Sunset Resort
This is not technically an onsen. It was the big indoor bath at the hotel we stayed in on Tokunoshima, a sub-tropical island just north of Okinawa. It was very clean with many tubs to choose from. Jude liked the vibra-bath with all the bubble making jets, and he loved the water bath. He is not phased by jumping into a bath full of cold water, and he won't come out. He is a stronger man than I. I had to keep him away from the electric bath. Yes, it is a tub with live outlets in the sides that give you mild shocks while you bathe. You know that feeling when you lick a 9 volt battery. It' like that all over your body. I don't know whose bright idea that was but I avoid those baths. I stuck my hand in, but that was enough. Jude successfully peed in the outdoor bath. Dont' tell anyone.

Here is Jude and I in the ocean in Tokunoshima. He loves the waves!!

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