Thursday, August 11, 2005

Ryokan Miyukiya(旅館みゆき屋)

Drove all over the Kannawa district trying to find an onsen open past 8:30 PM. Called one place and got detailed directions only to get lost on a road that barely held my car. It was dark and Jude had fallen asleep so I drove aimlessly down the main road until I came across a place with an actual parking lot: Miyuki-ya.

This place was a traditional Japanese style inn. Lots of wood, rustic. There were old postcards of Beppu in the loby. Very cool indeed to see the old steamships on the bay. The old guy at the counter was nice as could be. Only 500 yen for the 2 of us to have a n outdoor bath all to ourselves. It turns out all the baths here were family baths. You get an hour and you dont have to worry about other patrons gettin in your way.
It was very clean and the water was mineraly. Quite nice. Lots of basins and shower faucets for Jude to play with, too. The bath had some "aloe salt" that you were free to use but I didnt feel like reading the explicit instructions on a fading piece of paper so I opted not to use those.
When we finished, the old guy showed us where to stamp our spaports and he gave Jude some bubbles. He was pumped, thought he would get to blow some bubbles. But dad burst his instead...Sorry bud. I parked in front of a Coke machine and bought a Lemon Coke before getting into the car. Jude spotted me and cried that he only had water in his cup. I burned rubber outta there and took him home. Mommy was in the onsen when we got back so he cried for her. I recognized the tiredness in his cry, quickly brushed his teeth and put him down.
A good onsen was had by all.


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No coke for kodomo!

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