Thursday, July 07, 2005

Yu no Mori Tanimoto(湯の杜たにもと)

Our first onsen in a while. The rain cooled things off tonite so we decided to go out for a change (and give Shiho a break)!
This is a little inn just off the highway, but you'd never know it. Very quiet. It's actually right next to the Kyushu University Botanical Research Labs where they use hot spring water to grow exotic plants. You can see the steam rising from the greenhouses.
Anyway, this little darkly lit inn actually had 2 baths which you paid 500 yen to get one all to yourself (Jude cost 300). They were pristine wooden baths, very deep with adjustable water temps (good for little ones). the outside bath had great atmosphere but it was a bit too hot. Jude said Ouch! then bye-bye and went back inside. When we left he said, "bye-bye onsen, bye-bye ouch" Ha ha! he found squishing the bars of soap to be too much fun.
the old dude that was manning the counter informed us that this place is expenise 20,000 per person and up a night. That is nearly 200 bucks a person. But I bet it's a real treat. I'd love to take Shiho there someday.

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