Saturday, June 11, 2005

Takenoi Hotel (竹ノ井ホテル)

Grandma U. was up from Kagoshima and Jude was so psyched. We did lunch and went a got some mountain spring water (My fave place around here, will blog more in detail with pix later). After some heavy-duty playing at the house, we went downtown to the hotel district and used a 100 yen off coupon to get in.
The clerk said all are rooms are full so the bath is bound to be busy. It was on the 8th floor. Jude went in with grandma and they had spectacular views of Beppu Bay. I went it by myself for the first time in a long time. After teh 2 guys in there left, it was the whole bath to myself. Everyone must've been at dinner. Good timing. The indoor bath was a comfy 40 degrees C, the "outdor" bath was actually enclosed with an open window. 2 baths, one very shallow. the other deep. U got nice views of the city along Route 10 with the misty mountains in the back. The view out the other windwow was of tokiwa department store and other hotels. Not too great. But the sound of traffic while I bathed was a different experience, and not all that bad.
They had a cooler of ice cold "mugi-cha," wheat tea outside which really hit the spot.
Tonite was a good bath. And a different experience from all the local historic joints we've been hitting. All things in moderation, I suppose. St. Paul was wise.

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ricky b. said...

joel, this is the greatest blog in the history of the blogosphere. it makes me feel like i'm there with you guys, enjoying relax time with us together. say hi to grandma uehara and shiho and the dude and the other one for me and boner!