Thursday, June 16, 2005

Netsu no Yu Onsen(熱の湯温泉)

Ok, I should have been more wary of a place that calls itself "Heat Hot Spring," but we got lost looking for a different onsen and the road dumped me off int the neighborhood...
It was hot, yes! And we ran out of soap (bummer). I had enough to do Jude but I could't put him in the tub. Very hot! And slippery. All said, it was 100% free so I shouldn't complain. It was very popular with the locals, but we had to leave cuz Jude wanted to run and it was slippery in there.
Also, there was no stamp for our spaport... I wonder if someone absconded with it. I took a photo with my cell phone but it ended up all blurry.
Next time I won't be so cheap...

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