Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Horita Onsen(堀田温泉) Again

I went here because Jude couldnt make it last time. It has been bothering me actually. I went to the bath and he ended up waking up crying for Daddy.
this time around we got to go in the other bath (they rotate the men's and the women's baths). It is a mirror image, but feels like you've come to a whole new onsen. I like places that rotate their baths.
Jude thought the inside bath was a wee bit hot, but he loved the outside bath. Hard to keep him from splashing about!
After the bath we tried to catch some fireflies at Mugen no Sato, but there wern't many out. They say the typhoons ruined this year's "crop."
Now our spaports are literally on the same page. We have both made it thru 17 onsens. Wow. that's 2 levels already. after 24 baths we move into the next color level, "green."

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