Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Chanko Yoshiba(チャンコ吉葉)

This was a hotel/restaurant/onsen in one. It was founded by a former Oseki (that's 3rd after Yokozuna and something else)sumo wresteler whose name I could not decipher. The restaurant serves "chanko," the food of sumo wrestlers. It is basically a hodge-podge of anything and everything from veggies to seafood. I've never actually had it because t is full of things I can't eat, namely shrimp. But in any case, that's how sumo get fat. It's not McDonalds and steaks. Just lots of shrimp and rice.

Ok enough backround. The bath was on the fourth floor overlooking the ocean. Would've been beautiful in the daytime I reckon. the water was not too hot, borderline lukewarm. Good for Jude. We came in as a couple people went out so we had the whole bath to ourselves. Had to stop jude from drinking the water and spitting it out. "We only do that at home, Jude" Probably never should've started that game at home...

It is right on Route 10. Easy access if you are travelling south, buy you'll need to do a U-turn somewhere or pray that you can cross 3 lanes of traffic to get in. Plenty of parking. Y300. Very reasonable.

They had the "Onsen Karute" or the diagnostic chart designed by the Tourism Bureau up on the wall. I'd like to get a shot of one of these to put on the website. Gives detailed info on where the spring originates, temperature, if they add water to the original spring and why etc. In Japan, you only need one drop of natural spring water to call it a "hot spring," so this system aims to clarify the contents of the bath and give the user the "real deal" as opposed to bunch of hot water from the tap.

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