Thursday, May 26, 2005


Tonight Jude and I aimed for Hotel Fugetsu because it is near the house and I know the owner. Met him at a shindig for a local politician. But when we showed up, the staff said "If you don't have a ticket, please use the hot spring next door." Same owners but aimed toward the onsen-only crowd. So we went.

And it was quite nice. The bath was spacious with several options: jet bath, vibra bath (like extra jet bath), cypress bath (tub made of cypress with a wonderful smell), and a nice outdoor bath with the massaging waterfalls (These are called "utaseyu," or beating hot water). and lest we forget the water bath (ice cold), the sauna, and the electric bath (yes , you heard me right). There are outlets on the inside of the tub to provide a mild electric tingly sensation while you bath. If you ever licked a 9 volt battery as a kid, think of that feeling all over your body.

Anyway, this was a very nice and clean bath. I saw staff actively cleaning the changing room and checkin the temperture of the water. My only "complaint" would be that the baths had hot spots in them, so you had to be careful where you sat.

One last thing, there was a TV in the bath! I have never seen this before. And the bath right in front of the TV has a nice slanted wooden side for you to lounge on as you watch TV.

This bath is open until 2 am, and 24 hrs before Saturdays and holidays. That is unusually late, and nice to remember the next time I need a midnight bath.

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