Sunday, May 15, 2005


I pass this onsen on my way to work everyday.
And I always noticed the historical marker sign.
So I went. Had to buy some cakes at the cake store to use their parking lot, but then Jude and I walked over. The price for the onsen is "some odd change," so I put in 200 yen and walked in.
The place is old, like historic, ancient old, and so were the men bathing there. There is barely enough room to get undressed. The bath itself is about 2 tatami mats wide (2m x3 m). A very local bath. And hot! This was the hottest yet. Jude just had to get in, but he didnt last long. The old guys were leery at first, but they warmed up to us. And vice versa. Jude sat and splashed on the sidelines for most of our stay. too hot.
After every onsen, I ask jude "How was it?" Good ?" And he'll either say "unn" or "yes" or he won't respond. I take that as a no. Tonight he said "ouch."
It 's no place for little ones, but stop by to get some history. I actually didn't stop to read the historic marker. I guess I was more amazed at the entrance/altar (with little buddhas)/money box. It's pay what you want.

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