Thursday, May 12, 2005

Mikaeri Onsen(みかゑり温泉)

tonight's spa was a little closer to home. I had passed the sign so many times that is was a logical choice to help kick off the onsen tour.
The onsen actually consists of 2 indoor baths an 4 or 5 outdoor baths. I think you have to pay the family price to check out the other baths. There is a nice courtyard where you can relax and there's even a seesaw and sliding board for the kids. Too bad Jude noticed that AFTER bathing. Will have to come back and let him play first. There are also lots of fish in little fish tanks in the reception area. Jude liked that.
I think I would like to take guests here. Local atmosphere, clean, good for kids, and reasonably priced at Y300.

(Going down the Kannawa-sen route 218 toward central Beppu, turn right up the hill right before Cosmos drug store. There is plenty of parking)

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