Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Horita Onsen(堀田温泉)

SO today I loaded Jude in the car and decided to go to Kanpo no Yado, a nice little multipurose complex built using public pension funds. (hmmm, I though pensions were for our future). But when we arrived, Jude had passed out because he hadn' t had his nap.
SO I tried to wake him up....to no avail. I took him home and Mommy came to get him and I decided to go a little farther afield: Horita.
Horita has the subtle smell of sulphur that I just dig. And the place (another city-run job) is brand new and gorgeous. Barrier free and oh so clean. I really enjoyed the outdoor bath.
It turns out however, that Jude woke up and he was mad that I left him at home. Sorry little dude : (
We'll continue this quest together from now on.

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