Monday, May 30, 2005

Beppu-Wan Royal Hotel(別府湾ロイヤルホテル)

Shiho was here earlier in the day to hear a speech my a fitness guru named Duke something. Here is a pic of Jude by the pool.

Later that night we used tickets Shiho's friend gave us to experience the bath. Like many big hotels, the indoor bath was a bath (not a natural spring). It was and very clean, if perhaps a bit chlorine stinky. If you are really into clean, then this is the joint for you. Imagine a very hot swimming pool (except shallow). The onsen outside was nice too. As with most hotels, you get access to massage chairs and video games in the bath lobby. Jude loved the Anpanman ride, until we put money in it and it actually started moving...

A nice change, but not as "real" as the rinky dink family owned type onsens.

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